Watercolor Lettering - Supplies!

Okay Lovelies,

Let's talk about Watercolor Lettering Supplies!  I get lots of question asking me what types of paper, watercolor, and brushes I'm using to create my watercolor lettering pieces... 

So let me drop a supply list on you!

Are you ready?! 

Brace yourself.


(Don't worry about having a pen and paper... I'm providing links to Amazon for all the goodies I use.)

Okay! Here we go!

  1. PAPER 
    1. For my live videos, practice pieces, and rough drafts, I use Canson 90lb Watercolor Paper that I purchase in bulk. 
    2. For custom and final drafts of pieces, I use Arches Cold Press 140lb Watercolor Paper. (This is paper GOLD and I use it SPARINGLY.)
    3. When I digitize a piece of art and print it out I use Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper. It's AMAZING. (We will cover more about printing in a later blog... keep your eyes peeled!... not literally though...)
  2. PAINT
    1. Liquid Watercolors! - My Favorites -
      1. Brea Reese Watercolor Inks (These can also be found at Hobby Lobby!)
      2. Royal Talens Ecoline Watercolors (These are dye based)
      3. PH Martin's Hydrus Watercolors (These are pigment based)
      4. PH Martin's Radiant Watercolors (These are dye based)
    2. Hard Pan/Tube Watercolors - My Favorites -
      1. Finetec Pearl Colors (I have all 90 colors and it was worth the investment!)
      2. Prima Marketing Pastel Dreams & Shimmering Lights
      3. Prima Marketing Decadent Pies
      4. Mission Mijello Watercolors   
  3. BRUSHES - My Favorites - My advice? Buy several and test them out to find what you like!
    1. Princeton Neptune Round Size 2  (This is my BABY! I own two... but only one of them has my heart.)
    2. Princeton Artist Brush Round Size 2, Synthetic Sable (My second favorite!)
    3. Pentel Aquash Water Brushes, All sizes (these are GREAT!)


Wow, that seems like a lot...

*** In a subsequent post I'll break down the pros and cons of these supplies so you know why I like these supplies and when I use them. ***


They're just my favorite!

I've purchased a lot of lettering supplies in the year and a half I've been lettering...

We are talking THOUSANDS of dollars (much of which was an investment in my little business...).

And because I've spent all that money... an embarrassing amount on not so great products... I want to make sure you don't waste your time or money!

One thing you'll notice as you invest in higher quality and time tested materials is that you will notice a difference in your art!  Using lower quality items is GREAT when you're just starting out, but as you progress and develop your skills you'll become frustrated that the cheaper materials don't give you the detail or quality you'll want...

So invest! And do it slowly.  You don't need all these goodies at once! Pick a few and try them!  See how they enhance your art!

Try some that I didn't list!  And share them with me!

Art is an experiment.  Art is learning.

So let's test the piss out of EVERYTHING we can get our hands on!

What do you say!?

Hugs and Kisses!



Thank you so much for visiting my website AND for taking a peek at my blog!  

Many of my followers don't know this... but I used to be an avid blogger and writer.  So, I figured... why not blog/write about my life and one of my most favorite things?!  LETTERING!

I found lettering In April of 2016 and it CHANGED my life.  Ok... getting married, having a baby, and nearly dying from a disintegrated gallbladder changed my life too... but that's beside the point.

I've been WOKE people.  But not in the social justice warrior sense... Lettering awoke a creative and design monster inside of me that has literally engulfed my being.  Lettering to me is like... pizza.  I WANT IT ALL THE TIME.  The lettering... I want to letter all the time.  But I'd take a slice of pizza right now too...

Having never been a physically artistic person (I was a band geek and a writer... creative yes... conducive to lettering? no.) lettering has pushed my limits and expanded my creative capabilities!

I don't think we realize how much we need art, or music, or writing... until we find the creative outlet that truly awakens our soul. 

And for me, that was lettering.

So, with that in mind, in this blog, I'll be documenting my artistic progression AND I'll be sharing helpful tips, tricks, techniques, and information regarding the numerous tools and supplies that are used in the Lettering Community.

Should you ever have a topic you'd like me to cover, supplies you'd like me to review, or a technique you'd like me to share please email me at wrinkledelephantwritingco@gmail.com!

This is going to be awesome!

- Mychal